Welcome to the new and improved Galaxy Ink Tattoos
web site! We hope you enjoy the new look and
functionality. Please let us know if you have any
problems and thanks for your patience!
Galaxy Ink Tattoos, located in Ashland, Or. was
established in 1999, and has since grown into a
reputable and successful tattooing boutique.

Megan Doherty, artist & owner, has been
tattooing since 1995. Specializing in custom
art & tattoo designs; Megan has brought
hundreds of tattoo ideas to life. Bring in
your tattoo ideas or choose from an extensive
collection of designs and watch Megan work
her magic.

Galaxy Ink is a state licensed and regulated
tattooing facility and thus adheres to all rules
laid fourth by the Oregon Health Division.
Megan uses a Peltone & Crane steam
autoclave, which is tested monthly, and the
most up-to-date sterilization methods to
ensure absolute cleanliness in her tattooing